Instagram and promotion: parting words to the beginning instagrammer

Instagram and promotion: parting words to the beginning instagrammer

instagram, likes Decided to become a popular blogger? Or have you been blogging for a long time, and now there is a goal to monetize it?

Do you know the most important thing that beginner instagrammers do not attach much importance to?

Before embarking on an active promotion of your page, you should have a "soul" for this. Then there will be a desire, motivation to develop. Also, for starters, we recommend that you go through the url and find yourself everything you need to promote your account and also get 50 free instagram likes.

Ask yourself questions: "For what?" Understand with yourself why you (blog) lead it. Become a popular blogger whose opinion you listen to? Or make a lot of money? Or maybe it’s enough for you to get likes and just chat, get commendable reviews.

In any case, you should be passionate about your idea and focused on it. If you have no idea, if you think that motivation will appear only with the number of subscribers, then you are mistaken. After all, you can quickly find many subscribers online.

For success, you must have a great desire to share your knowledge with people, teach them something, and help. If you decide to develop your blog, taking as a basis a popular topic that you don’t have a soul for, then you are unlikely to be able to focus on your blog for a long time. You burn out, you will not be interested.

And even if you post the right things, then they will feel fake and false.

Blogging requires attention and resources. See the profiles of bloggers you want to follow. For example, on this Instagram page. What are they surprising, what are they sharing? How much drive and emotions are in their posts?

And the most important thing is to enjoy the process. You need to love your job. And then all efforts will bring pleasure and there will be a desired result.

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